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Rembrandt's painting techniques to decrypt

 Rembrandt's painting technique has always been interested in the topic of many painters , like Rembrandt paintings at the same time, they are more concerned about the painter Rembrandt painting is actually based on what kind of technique is completed .

We must pay attention to his technique produces a prerequisite . Rembrandt preference for performance in light of the effect , but a strong one-way light and gaudy inherent color , in fact, are mutually exclusive and can not miscible . Therefore, the inherent Rembrandt gave up bright color , without trying to put a combination of both , thus avoiding a lot of work has been the risk of failure .

Only tirelessly on nature -depth and meticulous research , only to Rembrandt able to play all the talent to achieve results . He was desperate to make all drawing methods are obedient to his painting purposes. Sometimes he painted very thick , causing other people's jokes , said pinching his nose portrait painting can be brought to the painting . Some have criticized him draw too boring oil paintings for sale, he replied that he was not stained Carpenter , but a painter. He who thinks he does not seem unfinished painting and want closer inspection of them said : "Do not go to smell the smell of paint , it is harmful ." Another time , he said: "When the artist realized his intentions when painting even completed . "

Sander lats (Sandrart) said that the rules of the art of Rembrandt boldly , perspective drawing and the effectiveness of ancient sculptures , paintings expert on Raphael as skilful techniques , and even necessary for crafts industry professional school value raised questioned and opposed . He believes that only comply with the laws of nature is the most important , the other is not important . Undoubtedly, this is bound to make a lot of people shaking his head . However, all these words , of course, not the whole letter , because Rembrandt is an avid collector of ancient sculptures . He is just some of the rules disgust dull and empty it.

About his painting " Resurrection of Jesus " ( now in the possession Munich皮纳科斯克museum ) , Rembrandt had said in a letter that his intention was to be given to draw the strongest and most natural movement. Hobo Elkem (Houbraken) said, in order to draw pearl effect peculiar , Rembrandt painted out the whole characters. His early paintings rigid and cold , and demonstrated to detail patiently hobby. Brighten with white is very clear . The Hague, in the Netherlands for his work " Temple of Simeon ," the strong color , people still controversial. These strong colors are painted in brown with white bottoms above . In sharp portrait " Agatha Bass ", the cuff is applied to the extremely brilliant white bright golden transparent color on top , this transparent color gradually from the golden ocher to deep brown , varied . Covered with white , its slightly exposed background with subtle gradation indescribable charm, these visual gray piece of the best preserved in Rembrandt 's painting particularly exquisite . To draw such a gray to direct , that is ridiculous. This painting is a resin material : Venice turpentine, heavy oil and Mattie fat, very smooth and clearly drawn .

Rembrandt's masterpiece just caused a lot of trouble and hostility , at least in his later years was partly due to the disaster , which is really regrettable . But this can be explained from the human nature , just as today's organizations , like photography , " Night Watch " all members want to try to stand prominently and clearly distinct as possible , while filling the individual character of Rembrandt subject to the overall picture describing the artistic conception ; in order to avoid all the head are the same as with the lighting of portraits produced boring monotony , he put some color in the middle of virtual avatar being .

" Night Watch " is like fine fabrics and precious jeweled ornaments , like a bright carefully studied its wonderful texture of the body , for the art " gourmet " , it is an excellent enjoyment, a genuine cuisine. Because after a certain period of several fixes , opaque areas have undoubtedly suffered damage , that is certainly not now showing original luster , which is bound to make opaque color greatly lost its original texture charm. But, nevertheless , in a bright area , the real gorgeous texture processing, such as wearing a yellow dress in yellow clothes aide or a little girl , people who are sensitive to visual still highly secret . Like Rubens , Rembrandt litharge is an important pigment . He will take the pump used in jewelry glowing yellow highlights, flashing gold clothing, green leaves , and the bright color . In the painting " Night Watch " is found , there is a pale blue- green color is likely to be a hybrid , perhaps by the take Pu Huang ( litharge ) and Daqing ( cobalt blue ) mixture .
Painting , painting through sheer approach to chiaroscuro modeling three-dimensional objects in a realistic limit has been reached . Opaque pigments create bright color, with a transparent dark to compare ( this is painted in dark gray and opaque light midtones above ) to maximize physical access to the material effect .

If those observed closer detail , you will see how the little girl's yellow dress glittering, despite its bright eye-catching , and dark as a control so that it formed a good painting is controlled in an appropriate position, and blend. The trick fascinating wins , its modeling capabilities admirable . These bright patches along the contour line to see people how they often disappear in the semi- dark tone , some dark areas in the adjacent sector , and very sharp and clear , but sometimes these dark areas in 1971 , they are always in the picture produce just the right effect , Lunbo Lang superb artistic skills compelling admirable . In some decorations elaborate on a few points on the flashing light , so that the whole light areas appear brighter . Gorgeous yellow uniforms adjutant , through the surrounding warmer yellow and red and yellow just right , as well as brown and so many levels transition to Executive clothes black. Since relatively warm around the contrast , making the girl who seemed bright yellow bright color coolish , thus avoiding the " anger " effect.

About Rembrandt used white pigment can specifically write a chapter . The difference is subtle gray and yellow-white ( ie, warm and cool colors ) , I think it is a good pre- deployment , covering coated with successive layers of . For example, in his painting " sampling officer" ( This painting is the English name "Sampling Officials" huge portrait of Rembrandt important works of his later years , was created in 1662 .191 cm x 279cm) , people must have seen , wide collar how white and skin color are converging together , and effortlessly into the wonderful texture of black clothes , and that this is so excellent drawing skills . Technically speaking, the only pre- painted with white and gray on uniformly in all parts of the initial shape in order to obtain this effect. In addition, some small head and hand position , it can be clearly observed in the initial shape of these brighter Frederick Morgan paintings . Through a translucent , thin and bright, transparent color, you can see the thick gray background painted a different proprietary color , but its background is always painted on the whole continue to function . Transparent color with varnish and increasing deployment of heavy oil in these transparent color painted into a strong focus on light and dark in order to determine the final characteristics of the painting . Sitting right people , is often mistaken for treasurer , he is extremely realistic ears gloves , approached the observation can be found in the new ears actually coated with a pigment pen scraping out !

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