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For the field of teaching Oil Painting!



Sunflower. Sunshine, hope, love
Size: 25s (70x70cm)
Year: 2013.08.03
















Today received a phone call from abroad is one of the girls said she wanted to learn painting.

But find painting studio can not find the scene, so I found this blog.

For on-site sketch learning attitude, I was very insist!

Because the ability of independent creative Custom oil paintings experience is the need to support.

This is my personal experience, because there are deep sketching experience (either landscape painting or a still-life);

Trained eye to sketch, sketch capabilities, observation, composition capabilities, color observation.

And then only with the so-called creative ability, sketch virtual and real, color black and white ash, toning techniques of color,

Picture of the form design, texture paint strokes with the performance ...... and so on.

I graduated from the University Coban non-art, but I'm a professor with the University of the Arts side (studio) studied painting for nearly 14 years!

All painting ideas and artistic accomplishments are all modeled from sketches and learn from.

Along the way, I have always insisted allow students to live sketching way to learn oil painting.

Starting their students in the learning process, will be more difficult, there will be a longer period against the wall.

But the basis of stability study, but also has a solid ability to draw more.

Perhaps, some students simply learn to draw from when interest;

But I also want them to come here, can learn the true Oil Painting capability.

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