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[Game] "cute big eyes EYE odd" Creative Children Drawing Competition

Creative theme: "Love in the big eye odd."

With "big eyes odd for the visually impaired or other disabled people to solve any difficulties?"
Odd make big eyes become a "cute" alien heroes theme
Freedom of creation (material informal).

Campaign period: now until October 15 (including) Deadline (postmarked).

Attended by:
Please activities will be 11 during the massage station registration forms,


Or go directly to download the registration form, complete with eight open drawing paper paintings
And affixed to the work registration form floating back pay.

Submission by:
Please mail or in person during the event can be delivered to the paintings for sale Council
(Participants are responsible for postal entries during the integrity and security).

Write Place:
Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, No. 111, Sec. 11th Floor,
Double blind Cares income, and please indicate on the envelope drawing competition [Registration]

Participating groups: sub-group of children aged 8-11 and 12-17 year-old group.

Judging Criteria: Creativity 30%, 30% of storytelling, composition, 20%, 20% color.

Review: October 16-23 selected by experts.

Results were published:
Assessment results is scheduled for October 25 odd activities posted  on the official website big eyes,
Another winner by phone and notified by mail.

Awards and Incentives: sub group of children aged Daniel Gerhartz paintings 8-11 and 12-17 year-old group, each group awards are as follows:

A first prize, a prize of NT $ 3,000 awards side.
Second Prize one, bonus NT $ 2,000, a certificate side.
Participation awards a, bonus of NT $ 1,000, a certificate side.
Honorable Mention ten, a prize, awards side.

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For the field of teaching Oil Painting!



Sunflower. Sunshine, hope, love
Size: 25s (70x70cm)
Year: 2013.08.03
















Today received a phone call from abroad is one of the girls said she wanted to learn painting.

But find painting studio can not find the scene, so I found this blog.

For on-site sketch learning attitude, I was very insist!

Because the ability of independent creative Custom oil paintings experience is the need to support.

This is my personal experience, because there are deep sketching experience (either landscape painting or a still-life);

Trained eye to sketch, sketch capabilities, observation, composition capabilities, color observation.

And then only with the so-called creative ability, sketch virtual and real, color black and white ash, toning techniques of color,

Picture of the form design, texture paint strokes with the performance ...... and so on.

I graduated from the University Coban non-art, but I'm a professor with the University of the Arts side (studio) studied painting for nearly 14 years!

All painting ideas and artistic accomplishments are all modeled from sketches and learn from.

Along the way, I have always insisted allow students to live sketching way to learn oil painting.

Starting their students in the learning process, will be more difficult, there will be a longer period against the wall.

But the basis of stability study, but also has a solid ability to draw more.

Perhaps, some students simply learn to draw from when interest;

But I also want them to come here, can learn the true Oil Painting capability.

FB fan page Linshu Ting Art Studio - ART STUDIO OF Sophia Lin

Lin Shuting Art Studio
Professional painting teaching, exhibition design propaganda
Studio Address: Xindian Xindian District, New Taipei City Road 110, 2nd Floor
(Xindian MRT station, walk 3 to 5 minutes Street store)
Studio Tel :02 -29,105,308
Mobile Phone 0918556556
Please Friday or Saturday 1:30 ~ 6:30 appointment to visit,
Or please leave a message (hide replies), please leave phone number I will call back.

(By Thomas Kinkade Paintings )


Rembrandt's painting techniques to decrypt

 Rembrandt's painting technique has always been interested in the topic of many painters , like Rembrandt paintings at the same time, they are more concerned about the painter Rembrandt painting is actually based on what kind of technique is completed .

We must pay attention to his technique produces a prerequisite . Rembrandt preference for performance in light of the effect , but a strong one-way light and gaudy inherent color , in fact, are mutually exclusive and can not miscible . Therefore, the inherent Rembrandt gave up bright color , without trying to put a combination of both , thus avoiding a lot of work has been the risk of failure .

Only tirelessly on nature -depth and meticulous research , only to Rembrandt able to play all the talent to achieve results . He was desperate to make all drawing methods are obedient to his painting purposes. Sometimes he painted very thick , causing other people's jokes , said pinching his nose portrait painting can be brought to the painting . Some have criticized him draw too boring oil paintings for sale, he replied that he was not stained Carpenter , but a painter. He who thinks he does not seem unfinished painting and want closer inspection of them said : "Do not go to smell the smell of paint , it is harmful ." Another time , he said: "When the artist realized his intentions when painting even completed . "

Sander lats (Sandrart) said that the rules of the art of Rembrandt boldly , perspective drawing and the effectiveness of ancient sculptures , paintings expert on Raphael as skilful techniques , and even necessary for crafts industry professional school value raised questioned and opposed . He believes that only comply with the laws of nature is the most important , the other is not important . Undoubtedly, this is bound to make a lot of people shaking his head . However, all these words , of course, not the whole letter , because Rembrandt is an avid collector of ancient sculptures . He is just some of the rules disgust dull and empty it.

About his painting " Resurrection of Jesus " ( now in the possession Munich皮纳科斯克museum ) , Rembrandt had said in a letter that his intention was to be given to draw the strongest and most natural movement. Hobo Elkem (Houbraken) said, in order to draw pearl effect peculiar , Rembrandt painted out the whole characters. His early paintings rigid and cold , and demonstrated to detail patiently hobby. Brighten with white is very clear . The Hague, in the Netherlands for his work " Temple of Simeon ," the strong color , people still controversial. These strong colors are painted in brown with white bottoms above . In sharp portrait " Agatha Bass ", the cuff is applied to the extremely brilliant white bright golden transparent color on top , this transparent color gradually from the golden ocher to deep brown , varied . Covered with white , its slightly exposed background with subtle gradation indescribable charm, these visual gray piece of the best preserved in Rembrandt 's painting particularly exquisite . To draw such a gray to direct , that is ridiculous. This painting is a resin material : Venice turpentine, heavy oil and Mattie fat, very smooth and clearly drawn .

Rembrandt's masterpiece just caused a lot of trouble and hostility , at least in his later years was partly due to the disaster , which is really regrettable . But this can be explained from the human nature , just as today's organizations , like photography , " Night Watch " all members want to try to stand prominently and clearly distinct as possible , while filling the individual character of Rembrandt subject to the overall picture describing the artistic conception ; in order to avoid all the head are the same as with the lighting of portraits produced boring monotony , he put some color in the middle of virtual avatar being .

" Night Watch " is like fine fabrics and precious jeweled ornaments , like a bright carefully studied its wonderful texture of the body , for the art " gourmet " , it is an excellent enjoyment, a genuine cuisine. Because after a certain period of several fixes , opaque areas have undoubtedly suffered damage , that is certainly not now showing original luster , which is bound to make opaque color greatly lost its original texture charm. But, nevertheless , in a bright area , the real gorgeous texture processing, such as wearing a yellow dress in yellow clothes aide or a little girl , people who are sensitive to visual still highly secret . Like Rubens , Rembrandt litharge is an important pigment . He will take the pump used in jewelry glowing yellow highlights, flashing gold clothing, green leaves , and the bright color . In the painting " Night Watch " is found , there is a pale blue- green color is likely to be a hybrid , perhaps by the take Pu Huang ( litharge ) and Daqing ( cobalt blue ) mixture .
Painting , painting through sheer approach to chiaroscuro modeling three-dimensional objects in a realistic limit has been reached . Opaque pigments create bright color, with a transparent dark to compare ( this is painted in dark gray and opaque light midtones above ) to maximize physical access to the material effect .

If those observed closer detail , you will see how the little girl's yellow dress glittering, despite its bright eye-catching , and dark as a control so that it formed a good painting is controlled in an appropriate position, and blend. The trick fascinating wins , its modeling capabilities admirable . These bright patches along the contour line to see people how they often disappear in the semi- dark tone , some dark areas in the adjacent sector , and very sharp and clear , but sometimes these dark areas in 1971 , they are always in the picture produce just the right effect , Lunbo Lang superb artistic skills compelling admirable . In some decorations elaborate on a few points on the flashing light , so that the whole light areas appear brighter . Gorgeous yellow uniforms adjutant , through the surrounding warmer yellow and red and yellow just right , as well as brown and so many levels transition to Executive clothes black. Since relatively warm around the contrast , making the girl who seemed bright yellow bright color coolish , thus avoiding the " anger " effect.

About Rembrandt used white pigment can specifically write a chapter . The difference is subtle gray and yellow-white ( ie, warm and cool colors ) , I think it is a good pre- deployment , covering coated with successive layers of . For example, in his painting " sampling officer" ( This painting is the English name "Sampling Officials" huge portrait of Rembrandt important works of his later years , was created in 1662 .191 cm x 279cm) , people must have seen , wide collar how white and skin color are converging together , and effortlessly into the wonderful texture of black clothes , and that this is so excellent drawing skills . Technically speaking, the only pre- painted with white and gray on uniformly in all parts of the initial shape in order to obtain this effect. In addition, some small head and hand position , it can be clearly observed in the initial shape of these brighter Frederick Morgan paintings . Through a translucent , thin and bright, transparent color, you can see the thick gray background painted a different proprietary color , but its background is always painted on the whole continue to function . Transparent color with varnish and increasing deployment of heavy oil in these transparent color painted into a strong focus on light and dark in order to determine the final characteristics of the painting . Sitting right people , is often mistaken for treasurer , he is extremely realistic ears gloves , approached the observation can be found in the new ears actually coated with a pigment pen scraping out !