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The first snow

Last night by myself ( and Lecco province) was a night of storm and strong wind with the result of trees sradicati.Sulla local news describes numerous interventions of firefighters
Today, however, the sky is clear but the temperature dropped this morning , Isa told me that the thermometer was 5 degrees ( I was still sleeping :-)

My friend Isa from the sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco took these two photos of our nearby mountains , snow already .
The first snow , therefore, to accompany this strange autumn , which still has green leaves and foliage lush and warm colors are slow in coming .



Our Grignetta


Grazieeee Isa .. and congratulations Claude Monet Sunrise painting  for the beautiful pictures .
In the afternoon , however, ' the temperature has reached +15, the jacket in the car bothered me ...
I at 6:00 in the downpour I left the house to wake up the counter , otherwise I could not get the car out of the garage and go to work.
At times I flew on.
Last night I did not speak.
Other than the end of the world of the Maya.
A hug Carlissima , we hope that the snow still some paintings for sale aspects ' here on the plains.

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