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Paintings in the life

Advances in size from 6F to 8F size coursework is the last release of the second seventeen , copying the contents of Mr. Wang Hui 's work , may be the first to practice modern painting style , and the usual little contact , feeling a little failure , like thought for a while and then continue to try well, now back to more familiar or the first Impressionist style, continue to practice basic skills now !


Then chose three consecutive Mr. Li Zefan watercolor works to copy , some people may know that he is Mr. Li Yuanzhe compare father ( in 1984 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and fame spread far and wide ) , while ignoring Lee 's achievements in painting he painted the Republic of China in 1974 was awarded the Association of Jin Jue Award , is CCA 1983 Taiwan Top 10 artists selected years , one of the main watercolor , had earlier taught Japanese painter Kinichiro ISHIKAWA ( Taiwan Western modern Western art of the Enlightenment persons ) and Fabian Perez learn the transparent watercolor technique , followed by the development of a personal style, opaque watercolor , by " washing ", " color overlay layer " in style, dreams , style simple and unique . Former Hsinchu Teachers and NTNU professor to nurture talents numerous .




Although watercolor painting and oil painting of a lot worse, but Mr. Li Zefan of watercolor painting style but also with the general feeling is not the same , some even a bit like painting, oil painting theme quite suitable to use it as practice , personally liked this style so far has fabian perez paintings copied the five , I believe the future will continue to have the opportunity to copy the .

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