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Paintings in the life

Advances in size from 6F to 8F size coursework is the last release of the second seventeen , copying the contents of Mr. Wang Hui 's work , may be the first to practice modern painting style , and the usual little contact , feeling a little failure , like thought for a while and then continue to try well, now back to more familiar or the first Impressionist style, continue to practice basic skills now !


Then chose three consecutive Mr. Li Zefan watercolor works to copy , some people may know that he is Mr. Li Yuanzhe compare father ( in 1984 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and fame spread far and wide ) , while ignoring Lee 's achievements in painting he painted the Republic of China in 1974 was awarded the Association of Jin Jue Award , is CCA 1983 Taiwan Top 10 artists selected years , one of the main watercolor , had earlier taught Japanese painter Kinichiro ISHIKAWA ( Taiwan Western modern Western art of the Enlightenment persons ) and Fabian Perez learn the transparent watercolor technique , followed by the development of a personal style, opaque watercolor , by " washing ", " color overlay layer " in style, dreams , style simple and unique . Former Hsinchu Teachers and NTNU professor to nurture talents numerous .




Although watercolor painting and oil painting of a lot worse, but Mr. Li Zefan of watercolor painting style but also with the general feeling is not the same , some even a bit like painting, oil painting theme quite suitable to use it as practice , personally liked this style so far has fabian perez paintings copied the five , I believe the future will continue to have the opportunity to copy the .

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The first snow

Last night by myself ( and Lecco province) was a night of storm and strong wind with the result of trees sradicati.Sulla local news describes numerous interventions of firefighters
Today, however, the sky is clear but the temperature dropped this morning , Isa told me that the thermometer was 5 degrees ( I was still sleeping :-)

My friend Isa from the sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco took these two photos of our nearby mountains , snow already .
The first snow , therefore, to accompany this strange autumn , which still has green leaves and foliage lush and warm colors are slow in coming .



Our Grignetta


Grazieeee Isa .. and congratulations Claude Monet Sunrise painting  for the beautiful pictures .
In the afternoon , however, ' the temperature has reached +15, the jacket in the car bothered me ...
I at 6:00 in the downpour I left the house to wake up the counter , otherwise I could not get the car out of the garage and go to work.
At times I flew on.
Last night I did not speak.
Other than the end of the world of the Maya.
A hug Carlissima , we hope that the snow still some paintings for sale aspects ' here on the plains.