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Yards of our childhood


Remember your childhood ... The bruises on my knees ...
Hands in fresh scratches, face in the dust ...
As all the friendly crowd were making carts
Of those old wheels that a landfill found.

And under the hum of the wind flew with gorushki,
Certainly nettles lost our trail ...
And then out of the bubbling water column
Drank quickly, excitedly ... How was gentle dawn ...

Remember bright colors on our cots,
Incidentally, the high presence of lead.
Black bread for 16 (- something!) Cents,
The fan in the summer buzz without end.

We carried out all day in unimaginable disputes
Returned home as kindle lights ...
We have to shiver, for a long time splashing in the river
And almost hiccups could laugh.

Went in the morning to swallow his breakfast,
And nobody ever we could not find,
After all, cell phones were not (it's not!) ...
We could endlessly in that - something to play with!

We could overeat cakes enough,
But no one on tolstel - we always worn ...
And what was good, just a penny
On a hot day in the machine in the water market!

We are in the collective garden stealing cherries,
We got it from moms often then.
And, puffing the whole gang, planed toys
And played football our amicable yard

And no one to ride a bike in a helmet
We fought, hands - legs broken at times,
And no one escaped, if something happened,
With a formidable appeal to the court ... In general, the world was different.

We did not have Vidic, set-top boxes,
And computers too ... But there were friends ...
We flew without permission to the nearest house
View children's film ... We did not know "no" ...

We were not in the schools, as now, the protection,
Intercoms and door access codes ...
How could we have survived are now in this world,
Life is no longer the same ... that - that cracked it.

Rolled, crumbled, moved down the road
And got trapped in the rain washed out the track ...
In those days, we have been right to choose,
Had the right to take risks, to make mistakes - twice.

We learned to stand up in heated debate
Beliefs, attitudes, and his thoughts ...
We learned to do, admired fine
In the groves of singing for us at night nightingales.

Our childhood and adolescence is completed early
Before the government deal done,
Exchanging freedom - crackers, chips,
Internet - to childish impulses of the soul.

No, it's all for the good, and only with the consent of ...
On-screen TV forbidden no ...
I'm tired of looking at a comfortable childhood,
Clutching my lucky ticket

Sergei Paramonov









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