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A symbol of happiness and frozen sunlight. Artist Daniel Mark Cassity





Yellow - a symbol of the revelation of love, the color of autumn, ripe ears and withering foliage .... Its like the calm, relaxed and intelligent people, outgoing, bold and inquisitive, and can easily adapt to any conditions (as yellow dandelion) and have fun the opportunity to please someone. This golden, divine color, exciting and revitalizing, warm and cheerful, jovial, flirty and cheeky. It is a symbol of happiness and solidified sunlight.





Fans of yellow - often people work, a strong will and spirit, able to much fruitful work even monotonous and repetitive work. These people are open, intelligent and sensitive, but often haughty soul. They are capable of great love and forgiveness (but not forgive cheating) they are hardy and patient, persistent and generous. But people closed and pessimists worried yellow excites the imagination and acts overwhelmingly on the psyche.





Adopted by the Catholics church symbolism colors yellow means test suffering and envy.


The yellow color of the Mongols - the symbol of Lamaism, symbolizes love and joy.


In ancient China, this was considered the color of the earth, as well as the Emperor considered himself the ruler of the universe, and the imperial color was yellow, almost all of the items that surrounded him were yellow. No one but him and his family members had no right to wear yellow.


In Turkish fairy tale says that yellow stones absorb human grief and crowded them crack. Yellow stones - stones that's life, human health.





That heron is considered a solar bird. The purpose of the mascot herons on Feng Shui is the purification of negativity and filth, the protection of your entire family from the influence of different evil. That is why the heron is mainly used for storage of the hearth, home protection, your family traditions and customs.









Renee on Bed III

Another heron often regarded as a symbol of the arrival of spring, the creative changes that it brings in nature and in our home. If you decide to use a mascot - a heron in your house, get ready for a positive change in the lives of your whole family, because with the advent of solar bird in your house comes happiness and love.





One famous actor always said to my friends:


- Do not live here! - He puts his hand to his forehead.

- Live - here! - And puts his hand to his heart.


Sun in your heart!






"My compass shows - only forward. Always working, following your instincts and remains true to this judgment, that my work is far from perfect. Do not hesitate to point out flaws, giggle and whisper much ..."

Artist Daniel Mark Cassity, city Greenville, South Carolina, USA

by fabian perez paintings

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