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Evening city ...... a little tired


Evening city, lit luster
Various signs, advertisements and lanterns
To some it may seem audacious,
But otherwise, he hid in his heart.


Evening city, first love,
Tait in the courtyard whispering gentle phrases.
Or in a cafe for a lonely table
Slip tears of sad, gray eyes.

oil paintings for salen3.jpg

Evening city, a bit tired
After a day of noise, bustle,
Now, perhaps, who gave everything b
For a delicious dinner, kiss his wife.


Evening city, terribly lonely,
Sitting with a book in a hunched lamp
Only occasionally will send your opinion strict
A cat that lies outstretched paws.

Evening city, bright and calling
Somewhere far away, in the twinkle lights.
A little touching and waiting for something.
Kaleidoscope of the destinations and people ......




Artist Nobuhito Tanaka

by Mark Adams paintings

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