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Give flowers to women! .. Watercolor Rose Doris Joa

Give women the flowers! ..
And do not forget the compliments
Beautiful phrases colored tape ...
It is worthy of beauty! ..
Let it be sensual words
And rhyme wonderful plexus
Let it lift your spirits ...
Weave rhymes in lace! ..
Do not take the silver
And the voice of gold add
Hurry to congratulate a woman,
Create a holiday to her in the morning! ..
Bouquet of fragrant roses
She lay on the pillow,
And had turned his head slightly,
Gentle words to tears ...
She will remember not the words,
She will remember your feelings,
Add bright colors thickly
While in the shower love alive!
Give women the flowers! ..
Give the holidays, do not wait
Beautiful words are giving,
It is worthy of beauty!

La Pette Fille de la Mer
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Rose Doris Joa

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