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Glamorous ladies in hats Lorraine Dell Wood

Glamorous ladies in hats Lorraine Dell Wood



The artist Lorraine Dell Wood (Lorraine Dell Wood) is a remarkable series of paintings glamorous, mysterious, amazing women in hats. Inspiration was inspired by retro photographs of her mother in 1930. As Wood says, her mother was tall and always wore beautiful clothes. In the photo the mother in a hat with a wide brim and a fox tail around the neck, slightly bowed hat aside and seen only half of the face and one eye. It's so captured the artist that was such a remarkable series of paintings. Images of women in black and red hats. Look at the variety of hats! It's a miracle! There are hats of all shapes, with ribbons and flowers. How elegant, flirty! Very elegant.


I really love hats, but in our time as a not very accepted to wear this gorgeous headpiece. But when I put on my favorite hat, I feel much more confident, elegant and attractive ...


The lady in the hat: the image of romance,

Elegant, feminine, divine,

Symbol elegiac poetry,

As she exquisite natural ...



Marilyn 2

Affectionate song strict tenderness,

Exciting music is beautiful,

Vastness aura of mystery,

Admiring wonderful feeling ...



Enchantments enchanting sweetness,

The lady in the hat: charming way,

Potuplёnnoy look of pride,

Boundless freedom looks ...


Unsteady boundary languor,

Eighteenth century fashion,

Canons maiden modesty,

The lady in the hat: Woman of God !!!

Author Vasiliy Vasilyev











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