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Love is like and respect - this is not what you get. but what you give ...

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Love is like and respect - this is not what you get. but what you give ...

Love - the meaning of life ...

Oscar Wilde. "The Duchess of Padua"


Phoebe Anna Traquair (1852-1936) - Love's testament Testament of Love 1898

Ask: What, seagull - loves the sea?
Ask: What, Rose - loves the rain?
Ask: what a lark at dawn
Flying to the sky - loves day?
And yet, all comparisons nichtozhny-
They are only a shadow of my love, burning
In this fire, that the waters of the oceans
It does not pay off! ..

Oscar Wilde. "The Duchess of Padua"


Alberto Pancorbo

... Love - one-way street.
Love is like and respect - this is not what you get. but what you give.
Gregory David Roberts. "Shantaram"


Sergio Martinez Cifuentes


Love can not be killed.
It will not kill even hatred.
You can suffocate inside love, tenderness and even affection.
You can kill all or permanently frozen in turn, lead regret, but love itself you would not kill.
Love - is a passionate search for the truth, other than your own, and you should feel it once, not deceiving himself, in its entirety, and it will remain forever.
Every act of love, every moment when the heart is drawn to it - it's part of the universal good, a part of God, or what we call God, and so on-that will never die.

Gregory David Roberts. "Shantaram"


The Swing - Edward Henry Corbould 1848

In ancient Sanskrit legends speak of love, a predetermined karma, the existence of communication between souls who are destined to meet, touch and find ecstasy in each other.
According to legend, the restriction will know immediately, because your love for her comes through in her every gesture, every thought, every movement, every sound and every sense glowing in her eyes.
Do you recognize her wings, invisible to others, but also because it kills passion for all other amorous desires.

Gregory David Roberts. "Shantaram"



"The Mermaid" by Howard Pyle 1853 -1911

Love is not a virtue, and cement bonding two human hearts.
And if it is mixed correctly, no power, not even death, not divide them.
Antonin Ladin. "Anne of Kiev - Queen of France"




Music: Elena Kamburova (J. Brel - G. Jouannest) - La chanson des vieux amants.

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