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Claude Monet Poppies at Argenteuil Classic oil painting reproduction

Part of the polish, some reflection does not seem too abrupt (the garbage bag is already lifted)

January 7th
"Impression New York" Impression New York
Spare time, with the excess paint painted a night view of New York.
I want to show the flow of light from the city of the night.
Million lights, each with stories.



Welcome to New York!
A city where dreams are made of.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------- December 19:


Turner's works in Venice what the island's morning
Do not play the watercolor
Draw half the paint drop ... well
Feeling still awkward

December 11 last update
Like painting for a long time.
But has not been relentless to learn specifically.
When I saw a good boy, cool always hold back do not want to draw down. I thought it was mine.
Later on the study.
After reading the main painting position is probably textbooks, papers, drafts.
The habit of this flurry illustration to keep a very behind, put a few we feel free:




Claude Monet Poppies at Argenteuil

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