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John Everett Mille (1829-1896)

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John Everett Mille (1829-1896) ... On the Island of Childhood are only kind fairy tales ... (part-3)

The whole painting of the artist John Everett Millet here

Far far away, beyond the mountains of dreams,
Under the sun of hope there is an island wonderful.
That island of children, this island of desires,
On the map you are unlikely to find such.
On the Island of Childhood are only kind fairy tales.
Hope and faith, and no offense.
On the island of Childhood there will be no bad weather,
There will be no tears, sad faces.
On the island, good witches laugh,
And the evil ones become at once more kind.
As soon as the children in their eyes laugh,
Every villain is good.
I do not want to part with an island,
We will never return here.
What a pity that you can not stay forever here,
But remember we will be that sharp Tano Festa paintings

s always!
(Author: Dark Sasha)

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