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Spanish artist Vicente Romero Redondo (Vicente Romero Redondo)

Spanish artist Vicente Romero Redondo (Vicente Romero Redondo)

Vicente Romero Redondo was born in 1956 in Madrid. From an early childhood I dreamed of zanim Mario Ballocco art for sale

art. After school he began to study at the San Fernando School of Art, the most prestigious art school in Spain. (Salvador Dali studied there from 1922 to 1926). During the first years of his studies he devoted all his time to sculpture, until he realized that only in painting he can express all his feelings. School of Arts "San Fernando" graduated with honors in 1982.

In the late eighties Romero and his wife settled on the Costa Brava (it was in these places was born Dali) and with the move a new stage in his creative life began. The beauty of the Mediterranean, the beautiful landscape, the house with the patio where he lived, the beauty of the models - were the ideal conditions for writing his paintings.

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