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Sandro Botticelli Sandro Botticelli

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Sandro Botticelli (Florence, 1445-1510)

Sandro Botticelli (Italian Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, March 1, 1445 - May 17, 1510) is a great Italian painter, a representative of the Florentine school of painting.

Sandro Botticelli
Portret Simonetty Vespucci

Sandro Botticelli.

"Portrait of a young man with the medal of Cosimo de 'Medici."
1470-1477. Uffizi, Florence

"Botticelli was deeply unhappy and happy at the same time. He was, as they say, not of this world. Dreamily timid, alogic in actions and fantastic in judgments. He believed in enlightenment and did not care about wealth. I did not build my house, I did not build a family. But he was very happy that he was able to capture the manifestations of Beauty in his paintings. He turned life into art, and art became for him a genuine life. "

Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci

"Portraits of women are rarely found in Sandro Botticelli, but he sang and glorified Simonetta Vespucci - a woman famous for her beauty and love. She was the lover of another man - Giuliano de 'Medici. She is Beauty herself, the queen of almighty art. And because of such a painful passion, Botticelli warms his hands in someone else's fire. And that is why Simonetta Vespucci speaks about something that has never been said about any woman "(V. Lipatov)

Portrait of a young man in a red hat
About 1477

Sandro Botticelli.
Portrait of a young woman. ok.1480.
Stedel Institute of Art and the City Gallery. Frankfurt am Main. Germany

Portrait of a Young Man

Sandro Karpo Trokhymenko paintings for sale

Botticelli, 1 March 1445 - 17 May 1510)
Portrait of a young man

Sandro Botticelli
Portrait of Giuliano di Medici

Botticelli, Sandro

Sandro Botticelli. (1445-1510).
Portrait of a man.
Louvre, Paris, France.


Sandro Botticelli
"The Birth of Venus" 1485, fragment

Sandro Botticelli 1445-1510


Sandro Botticelli

"Return of Judith"

The Virgin and Child with Two Angels and the Young St John the Baptist,
Madonna and baby with two angels and young John the Baptist

Mary with the Child and Singing Angels. 1477

Judith 1497-1500, Amsterdam

Portrait of a young woman,

1475, Florence, Palazzo Pitti gallery of Pallatino

Madonna with Child and Angel, 1465-1467.

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