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Evening alone. Music card

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Evening together Music card

Our evening is a family.
There was dinner and tea,
And here we are together,
As if by accident
You're on the bed.
I'm on the internet.
And all sort of way,
And children are already asleep,
But you're on TV,
And I'm in a poem.
Attentive minuscule
Let's show each other.
What happened to us?
Are you cold? passes? ...
Or accumulated
The ash in the chimney? ...
We do not burn anymore,
But we smolder as if,
We know everything in each other ...
But we wa Shibata Zeshin art for sale

rm up in the morning,
Pressing harder
To each other bodies -
The soul is at once easier
And everything will become clear -
Let you on the bed,
And I'm on the Internet,
But we are still together
And our children are asleep ...

Kachalova Julia

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