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My money in another bank

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My money in another bank

One day Konstantin S. Stanislavsky asked his students: "Your bank is on fire." Work! "Someone ran after the water, someone began to tear his hair and wring his hands, someone was dragging an imaginary ladder and frantically tried to penetrate it through the fire to the second floor, someone fell charred, distraught with terrible pain and suffering. Everything was as if a bank were burning Vyacheslav Kalinin art for sale

. And only one Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov, who also had to take part in the sketch of the bank's raging fire, was sitting calmly on one foot, looking from one to the other. "Stop! Vasily Ivanovich," called his displeased Stanislavsky, why do not you participate? " "I'm taking part," Kachalov answered unperturbedly. - My money in another bank. "Http://

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