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Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake). Photorecept

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Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake). Photorecept.

Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake).

Vladimir Kush art

For a long time I looked at the salad "Mushroom Glade" - it's too painful to design sympathetic. But still there was not such a composition to personally like I love.
As a result, "spat", and based on the well-known design himself made a salad personally to your taste.

1 can of marinated champignons
(necessarily whole, not cut)
250-300 gr. curds
4 things. boiled eggs
200 gr. carrots in Korean
300 gr. ham
2-3 pcs. boiled potatoes.
greens to your taste.

Remove the mushrooms in a colander so that the glass is all liquid.
Greenery to chop.
Raw melted cheese for 15 minutes in a freezer, then rub on grater.
Eggs finely chopped.
Cut the ham into small cubes.
Carrots in Korean cut into short segments.
Potatoes on a grater.

Cover the bowl with food film.
(I have a detachable form on the photo, but it's absolutely not necessary).

Lay out layers, cover each layer with mayonnaise.
1 layer. Mushrooms hats down.

Mushrooms sprinkle with greens, while it is mandatory that the greens get around and between the mushrooms.

2 layer. Cheese.

3 layer. Eggs.

4 layer. Carrots in Korean.

5 layer. Ham.

6 layer. Potatoes. To add.

The color of the potato is different -
these are two potatoes of different kinds)
On top of potatoes, too, mayonnaise.

Remove the salad in the refrigerator for several hours - and to impregnate it and keep it in shape.
Then turn the bowl over on a plate or board.

Salad in a cut

Bon Appetit!!

* I would also recommend postponing some greens to finish the prepared salad if necessary.
* Cream cheese can be replaced by a regular one.
* Korean carrots can be replaced with grated pickled cucumbers, and add another layer - immediately after the mushrooms, a grated boiled carrot.

By itself,
this cooking and photos are mine.


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