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Salad "Kill me tenderly"

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Salad "Kill me tenderly")))

I was looking for a delicious salad to prepare from the ingredients: champignons, carrots, onions, dill, mayonnaise .. (this is what I had in the fridge). Found a salad recipe with Matej Sternen art for sale

such an intriguing name! Very simple composition, and a very tasty calorie salad. The author of the recipe called it exactly because of the caloric value)) And so, the ingredients:
* Champignon;
* carrot;
* bulb onions;
* fennel;
* crab sticks;

We cut with thin semirings 2-3 bulbs

fry until golden in vegetable oil

cut diced 250 grams of champignons

fry until crust and salt

packing of crab sticks (12pcs.) cut with noodles

also fry

cut cubes 1-2 boiled carrots

finely chop a large bunch of dill

all mixed up

season with mayonnaise

That's all! very simple and delicious!

Bon Appetit!!!
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