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Jason D'Aquino: the most important in miniature

Jason D'Aquino knows everything about density and miniaturization. In a minimal area, he is able to depict the most important topics: examples of human cruelty, lawlessness and unsurpassed propensity of people to aggression and evil. Sometimes the plots of the drawings seem completely harmless, as if the artist just kneaded his hand.

Cloth of such images are completely unexpected surfaces. Most often, these are the internal parts of the flat matchboxes, in which the matches themselves are flat and pasted inside. But most of all the artist likes rare documents or antique manuscripts, here on them to draw with a pencil - the highest pleasure. Recently, it was for this purpose that he acquired at the Christies auction in New York a whaling ship of a whaler from St. Petersburg, dated back to the Petrine era.




It all began as a child. Most of all the little Jason was enchanted by the movement of the pencil in his mother's hands, and he learned to properly hold it in his hand and draw much earlier than he started walking Michael Cheval art for sale. But the inclination to miniature images came earlier than old age. It all began with the choice of strange surfaces, the areas of which were too small - the same matchboxes. Today, the artist does not follow the principle "the less, the better", but, nevertheless, he already has to draw in special glasses worn by jewelers. It's good that the size of the pictures still allows viewing them with the naked eye, without using any optics.
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Martin Johnson Heade art reproductions

Boyfriend immediately birthday, want to prepare a gift to give him a gift. Occasionally chatting to listen to him inadvertently talk about a child especially like bird poem this anime, has always wanted to turn the tail of the tones in the sea pulling hair silhouette down. So only a little bit of the basic brushwork basis I spent six and a half hours to complete my life in the first oil painting.


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Draw a good and evil like a character, and hope he will like.


Eugène-Louis Boudin A Small Canal in Venice

I started to learn oil painting three months ago, ah, find a teacher, are the Department of Sichuan oil painting. Previously learned a little sketch. The color itself is occasionally painted. The first work:


second work


I like this, Monet's "sunrise"


This is a birthday gift to a good friend, copy of a wedding, the level is limited, can only be created to this extent



This is so hard to draw ah, the color changes particularly much, too much, a layer of stack up, painting tired


Eugène-Louis Boudin A Small Canal in Venice


Eugène-Louis Boudin