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A brother may not be a friend, but a friend is always a brother.

I was looking for the topic of male friendship with quite serious intentions to dig in psychology.
I found what I found. ))
First I wanted to use only excerpts of the article ...
It turned out complete nonsense - lost drive, crazy and some strange seriousness on the verge of pinching romance.
Are not these exactly our men?
So I decided to leave everything entirely.
When you bring your hand to write an angry or indignant comment, remember that this article was written not by me, but by MALE! Magazine, and with many, in it stated, I can be disagree.))


Bro. 5 rules of male friendship

About the male world, male friendship, second pilot, male solidarity, girls and the right of men to do stupid things together.

There is something that we carried from childhood in our hearts and this is not love for parents, a girl or a homeland. It's a love for those with whom you shot with a slingshot yesterday, riding together on one bicycle, playing football, going camping together, trying alcohol, singing songs on the guitar and even fighting. These are your friends, whom you consider to be your brothers or brothers.

When aliens declare war on the planet Earth and you will be captured, and the most important and the most green leader of the aliens will ask: "Why do you kill my soldiers?", You will proudly answer: "For, bro!" This goggle-eyed will not understand what the word " Bro ", he's an alien.
"Bratans are above girls. The bonds of friendship between two men are much stronger than between a man and a woman, since men are stronger than women. Remember this science. "
Barney Stinson, Matt Coon "The Bratan Code"


What does bro mean? The meaning of the word "bro" is similar to the word "brother", "bro", "brother". Bro is the abbreviated form from the English word "Brother", which in translation means brother. So they call their best or very good friend, with whom you are in close friendly relations.
Bro is one with whom you are bound by a real strong male friendship.
Bro is the person for whom you are ready to stand with a mountain and who is loyal to you no less. Bro is your best friend or a group of your friends.


Sometimes the word "bro" means something good and positive, and "bad" is bad, harmful, or mauva.

The best thing about bro, about male friendship and about the male code was told by Barney Stinson and Matt Coon in his book The Bro Code.
Why this code was invented?
To develop a common strategy for men to hunt for girls and to more clearly define the concept of male friendship.



The authors summed up the idea of ??why men generally get acquainted with chicks? Of course, for sex! And they do not have sex to play "little foul-smelling, screaming creatures," but for pleasure.

MENSBY.COM magazine combined Stinson's knowledge with age-old knowledge of male friendship and compiled a list of what "bro" does and does not do.



5 rules of male friendship. Bro

1. Male friendship is sacred

You can not call up a friend for a month, knowing that he is critically busy, but from this he remains the same friend as he was before. Male friendship is very strong and it lasts for decades, if not longer.



Unfortunately, with time, there are fewer friends, you lose them, changing your place of work, place of residence, way of life. Friends will leave and less and less come, but so far - they are your bro.


Regardless of the situation and life realities, friends do not substitute and help each other. They were with you when you were on the rocks, they helped you in difficult moments, shared adversity and trouble, they helped to find you a new girl and forget the former, they brought you drunk home in a taxi and pulled out of various troubles. They shared with you joy, had fun with you at the moments of your ascent and made life even more colorful.


2. Men's friendship and girls

"I do not change my friends to women, this world is so similar to a mess. And in it only friends remember each step you take every miss and every sold-out. "

No woman can become between friends and destroy her. For this, men agree immediately that no woman can prevent friendship. You can find a new girl easily, but you do not have a friend. For statistics, the average relationship between a man and a woman lasts only 83 days!
Brot never takes each other's girls. There is also a ban on sex with a former friend, in extreme cases, you must always ask permission from a friend.


3. Male friendship and co-pilot

The second pilot is your bro, who, with you, catches the girls. When acquainted with chicks in the bar, the girl gets to the one who first says: "She's mine!" When talking to the girls' company, the brooke automatically embellishes the job description, income level, intellect and other qualities of her friend.


Bro helps not only to glue the girls, but in every way contributes to the friend's attempts to seduce the girlfriend, without encroaching on his "booty."

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