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Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake). Photorecept

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Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake). Photorecept.

Salad "Mushroom Glade" (snack cake).

Vladimir Kush art

For a long time I looked at the salad "Mushroom Glade" - it's too painful to design sympathetic. But still there was not such a composition to personally like I love.
As a result, "spat", and based on the well-known design himself made a salad personally to your taste.

1 can of marinated champignons
(necessarily whole, not cut)
250-300 gr. curds
4 things. boiled eggs
200 gr. carrots in Korean
300 gr. ham
2-3 pcs. boiled potatoes.
greens to your taste.

Remove the mushrooms in a colander so that the glass is all liquid.
Greenery to chop.
Raw melted cheese for 15 minutes in a freezer, then rub on grater.
Eggs finely chopped.
Cut the ham into small cubes.
Carrots in Korean cut into short segments.
Potatoes on a grater.

Cover the bowl with food film.
(I have a detachable form on the photo, but it's absolutely not necessary).

Lay out layers, cover each layer with mayonnaise.
1 layer. Mushrooms hats down.

Mushrooms sprinkle with greens, while it is mandatory that the greens get around and between the mushrooms.

2 layer. Cheese.

3 layer. Eggs.

4 layer. Carrots in Korean.

5 layer. Ham.

6 layer. Potatoes. To add.

The color of the potato is different -
these are two potatoes of different kinds)
On top of potatoes, too, mayonnaise.

Remove the salad in the refrigerator for several hours - and to impregnate it and keep it in shape.
Then turn the bowl over on a plate or board.

Salad in a cut

Bon Appetit!!

* I would also recommend postponing some greens to finish the prepared salad if necessary.
* Cream cheese can be replaced by a regular one.
* Korean carrots can be replaced with grated pickled cucumbers, and add another layer - immediately after the mushrooms, a grated boiled carrot.

By itself,
this cooking and photos are mine.



My money in another bank

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My money in another bank

One day Konstantin S. Stanislavsky asked his students: "Your bank is on fire." Work! "Someone ran after the water, someone began to tear his hair and wring his hands, someone was dragging an imaginary ladder and frantically tried to penetrate it through the fire to the second floor, someone fell charred, distraught with terrible pain and suffering. Everything was as if a bank were burning Vyacheslav Kalinin art for sale

. And only one Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov, who also had to take part in the sketch of the bank's raging fire, was sitting calmly on one foot, looking from one to the other. "Stop! Vasily Ivanovich," called his displeased Stanislavsky, why do not you participate? " "I'm taking part," Kachalov answered unperturbedly. - My money in another bank. "Http://


Valaam in Painting

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Valaam in Painting

The Valaam Preobrazhensky Monastery


Graphic arts

Valaam in Painting

Elena Romanova - View of the Monastery Bay. Balaam

Elena Romanova -Valaamsky monastery.Zakat

Tatyana Yushmanova - The Russian Byel

Stelmakh-Kuzovkova Vera-Valaam

I. Shishkin - View on the island of Valaam (Kucco)

Smirnova Dariya - Valaam. Evening

Fedorenkov Yu.- Valaam

Tatiana Yushmanova - Silence

Anatoly Kurshin - a series of works "Nikolsky Skete"

Anatoly Kurshin - a series of works "White Skit"

Anatoliy Kurshin - Chapel in front of the monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - The Glowing Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Panorama of the Monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - Znamensky Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - The Transfiguration Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Through the Arch of the Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - The Road to the Temple

Anatoly Kurishin - Mount Eleon

Anatoly Kurshin - under the Mount of Olives

Anatoly Kurshin - Trumpeting Angel

Anatoly Kurshin - Resurrection Skete

Anatoly Kurshin - Through Flowers

Anatoly Kurshin - Through the Lilacs

Anatoly Kurshin - Winter in Gethsemane

Anatoly Kurshin - Znamensky Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - Pokrovskaya Chapel

Anatoly Derek Boshier paintings

Kurshin - The Transfiguration Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Chapel of the "Transfiguration"

Anatoly Kurshin - To the light

Anatoly Kurishin - Belfry

Anatoly Kurshin - On the Belltower

Anatoly Kurshin - the Smolensky Monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - On the steps to the temple

Anatoly Kukshin - Rocky coast

Anatoly Kurshin - Moonlight over the Skete

Anatoly Kurshin - At the Gevsimansky Cross

Sergei Pavlov - Nikolsky Skete on Valaam. Lilac

Lukash Anatoly. Gangway. Valaam Island

Yuri Melkov - On Valaam

Polina Leonenko - Valaam

Efremov A.V. Blossoms the land of Balaam. Nikolsky Skete

The growth of Basiladze - Valaam

The Smolensky monastery. Valaam (I do not know the author)

Shevchuk Vasily Nikolsky monastery

Tatiana Krasovskaya - Nikolsky Skete at the Sunset

Tatiana Krasovskaya - White Monastery

Nelly Krapiventseva - Sunset over the Nikolsky Skete.

Anatoly Kurshin series of works "graphic Valaam"

Part I - Valaam

A series of messages "Orthodox painting":
Part 1 - Holy Russia Part 2 - Valaam in painting Part 3 - Magnificent city motives from Sergey Brandt Part 4 - Stepan Nesteprchuk ... Part 6 - Artist Alesandr Shilov. Monasticism Part 7 - Artist Andrei Rybkin. Golden domes of Russia Part 8 - Vasily Peshkun | Snow-rustic

A series of messages "Temples / Monasteries":
Part 1 - Kiev Pechersk LavraCast 2 - Valaam in painting Part 3 - Valaam Part 4 - Monasteries of Karelia ... Part 10 - Cathedrals and temples of Samara Part 11 - Winter sun of Boris Bosarev. Kizhi, Valaam Monastery ... Part 12 - Diveevo