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Valaam in Painting

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Valaam in Painting

The Valaam Preobrazhensky Monastery


Graphic arts

Valaam in Painting

Elena Romanova - View of the Monastery Bay. Balaam

Elena Romanova -Valaamsky monastery.Zakat

Tatyana Yushmanova - The Russian Byel

Stelmakh-Kuzovkova Vera-Valaam

I. Shishkin - View on the island of Valaam (Kucco)

Smirnova Dariya - Valaam. Evening

Fedorenkov Yu.- Valaam

Tatiana Yushmanova - Silence

Anatoly Kurshin - a series of works "Nikolsky Skete"

Anatoly Kurshin - a series of works "White Skit"

Anatoliy Kurshin - Chapel in front of the monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - The Glowing Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Panorama of the Monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - Znamensky Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - The Transfiguration Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Through the Arch of the Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - The Road to the Temple

Anatoly Kurishin - Mount Eleon

Anatoly Kurshin - under the Mount of Olives

Anatoly Kurshin - Trumpeting Angel

Anatoly Kurshin - Resurrection Skete

Anatoly Kurshin - Through Flowers

Anatoly Kurshin - Through the Lilacs

Anatoly Kurshin - Winter in Gethsemane

Anatoly Kurshin - Znamensky Chapel

Anatoly Kurshin - Pokrovskaya Chapel

Anatoly Derek Boshier paintings

Kurshin - The Transfiguration Cathedral

Anatoly Kurshin - Chapel of the "Transfiguration"

Anatoly Kurshin - To the light

Anatoly Kurishin - Belfry

Anatoly Kurshin - On the Belltower

Anatoly Kurshin - the Smolensky Monastery

Anatoly Kurshin - On the steps to the temple

Anatoly Kukshin - Rocky coast

Anatoly Kurshin - Moonlight over the Skete

Anatoly Kurshin - At the Gevsimansky Cross

Sergei Pavlov - Nikolsky Skete on Valaam. Lilac

Lukash Anatoly. Gangway. Valaam Island

Yuri Melkov - On Valaam

Polina Leonenko - Valaam

Efremov A.V. Blossoms the land of Balaam. Nikolsky Skete

The growth of Basiladze - Valaam

The Smolensky monastery. Valaam (I do not know the author)

Shevchuk Vasily Nikolsky monastery

Tatiana Krasovskaya - Nikolsky Skete at the Sunset

Tatiana Krasovskaya - White Monastery

Nelly Krapiventseva - Sunset over the Nikolsky Skete.

Anatoly Kurshin series of works "graphic Valaam"

Part I - Valaam

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Jean-Marc Janiaczyk (French, b. 1966) - Charming Provence.

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Jean-Marc Janiaczyk (French, b. 1966) - Charming Provence.

Mauve petals of blooming lavender, bright red - poppies, sunny yellow - sunflowers, orange and warm green - autumn and spring foliage ... Here are the main colors that modern French artist Jean-Marc Janiaczyk uses to write his stunning, bright and positive landscapes. What, you say, Impressionism is not in vogue now? But from the fashion never go positive and good mood.

His teacher and inspirer considers the magnificent Va Emil Schumacher art

n Gogh. By the way, in the landscapes of the artist you can notice some similarity with the works of his "muse", the same sunflowers, fields, modest little houses on the roadside, a road running away into the distance ...

Jean-Marc Janiaczyk's paintings are naive and pure, like the eyes of a child. And in them you can also see clearly the mood of the author. Either the autumn's light sadness, or summer sweat, or spring sunny joy.

Jean-Marc - a man exceptionally non-public, except for pictures on the Internet there is no more information about him - no photos, no biography. In personal correspondence the artist reported about himself literally the following: "I was born in 1966, a self-taught artist, I paint the landscapes of Provence in the technique of palette knitting: sunflowers, lavender, poppies, olive trees ..."


Evening alone. Music card

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Evening together Music card

Our evening is a family.
There was dinner and tea,
And here we are together,
As if by accident
You're on the bed.
I'm on the internet.
And all sort of way,
And children are already asleep,
But you're on TV,
And I'm in a poem.
Attentive minuscule
Let's show each other.
What happened to us?
Are you cold? passes? ...
Or accumulated
The ash in the chimney? ...
We do not burn anymore,
But we smolder as if,
We know everything in each other ...
But we wa Shibata Zeshin art for sale

rm up in the morning,
Pressing harder
To each other bodies -
The soul is at once easier
And everything will become clear -
Let you on the bed,
And I'm on the Internet,
But we are still together
And our children are asleep ...

Kachalova Julia

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